Fake products - issue of reputation

Tubular products
Using counterfeit products implies several impacts that can adversely affect the reputation and sustainability of a company.

Since the product does not meet the quality and safety standards requirements in its applications and can result in major injuries affecting to four levels:

  • Health and safety impact. This kind of products are used in extremely severe conditions where safety is absolutely the main priority. The product must guarantee a perfect operational performance to avoid personal injuries.
  • Environmental impact. These products are used in the transportation of oil, gas, or chemicals products. Our R&D efforts are focused on the identification and reduction of potential risks in the material choice.
  • Reputational impact. As a consequence of the impacts mentioned, the reputation of a company can clearly be damaged.
  • Economical losses. If the material is not the appropriate for the installation there is a risk of stop production, resulting in economical losses. In addition, if an accident (with environmental impact or workplace injuries) occurs the company might face penalties and loss of reputation.