Using fake fittings in critical applications

High risks involved in the use of fake butt weld fittings include increased corrosion and lower product resistance.

Fake butt weld fittings can carry a number of implications for users of the products:

  • Incorrect material grade;
  • Metallurgical structure of starting material with high risk of undetected potential problems (cracks, peeling, etc.);
  • Inaccurate chemical compositions/analysis;
  • Lack of quality & quality control;
  • Lack of laboratory testing;
  • Violation of regulations & lack of conformance with specifications.

All of the above risks may lead to increased corrosion and lower product resistance, particularly when combined with high temperatures and corrosive materials.

In cases where fake, untested fittings are used in critical applications for the transfer of corrosive liquids or gases, and/or substances at high pressures, the outcome can be devastating both for the plant itself and, especially, for those working in the vicinity, due to high risk of explosions.

Use of fake products can result in serious threats to Health & Safety, long-term financial consequences, plant shutdowns and, of course, legal proceedings.